Upper Accommodation Hydra is committed to respect all rules related to COVID-19 and has all health protocols in place for the safety of both its staff and its customers.
Hand disinfectants have been placed in all public areas.
Personnel has been trained to follow all protocols on the use of approved disinfectants and cleaners for the safe operation of the accommodation.
The rooms shall be cleaned using a steam cleaner on the mattresses and all the fabrics.
The steam cleaner shall be used on all difficult to clean surfaces in toilets and bathrooms.
Disinfectants shall be used on door handles and all wooden surfaces.
The floors shall be cleaned using a general purpose disinfectant.
Cleaning personnel shall enter each room wearing special disposable clothing and accessories.
When bed linen and towels are changed, they shall be placed inside special disposable bags and washed at temperatures above 70 °C.
The rooms shall be properly ventilated following each departure and before each arrival.
The Hydra “Koulourion” hospital, fully staffed, is just 3 minutes away from our rooms.
Upper Accommodation Hydra has been granted the Health First badge by the Ministry of Tourism.
Thank you for observing the basic health and safety rules.